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The Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago is a professional and technical organization for geologists, other scientists, managers, and other individuals engaged in the fields of hydrocarbon exploration, academia, volcanology, seismology, earthquake engineering, environmental geology, geological engineering and the exploration and development of non-petroleum mineral resources.

The Society was formed in 1976 upon recognizing the importance of petroleum and natural gas to the economy of Trinidad and Tobago. The first general meeting was held in San Fernando in July of that year and an Executive Committee was elected in August of the same year. This committee comprised a President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. There was also a corporate member and a non-petroleum representative on the executive. Since then, the Constitution has been amended and the governance structure of the GSTT now mandates annual elections for the position of; President Elect; Treasurer and; four Directors. These elected officials sit on a Board together with the immediate past president. The Executive Board is guided by the GSTT’s Constitution and Code of Ethics when executing the affairs of the Society. Likewise, the GSTT employs a secretariat to execute the administrative affairs of the Society and assist the Board in performing functions on behalf of the membership.

Numerous factors contributed to the growth of the GSTT. Foremost among these factors was the involvement of a growing number of local geologists in various specialized sub-disciplines. Thus the major aims of the Society became:

(1) To increase the general level of geological knowledge among its membership through the presentation of technical papers, hosting of technical sessions and short courses, hosting of conferences, arrangement of distinguished lectures in conjunction with international Geological societies, publishing of a newsletter and/or other publications at regular intervals, and all other activity relevant to the Society.

(2) To increase the awareness of the general public about the importance of geologists and geology, through public lectures and seminars, expositions, career guidance and interactions through mass media. 

(3) To provide career guidance for students throughout the country.

Committees were formed to promote the activities of the Society whose responsibilities include: admissions, local and international affiliations with other professional societies, publications, field trips, technical sessions, conference steering, and outreach. These committees ensure that the GSTT offers high quality returns to its membership through;

  • Hundreds of lectures by distinguished speakers.
  • Numerous geological field trips and mapping exercises throughout Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Field excursions to Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, Dominica and Venezuela.
  • Six world-class conferences of the GSTT which are held every 5 years.
  • Integration into regional geology by hosting Caribbean Geological Conferences and partnering with regional societies.
  • Partnering with international societies to host numerous research conferences as the AAPG’s Geoscience Technology Workshop and the Herdberg Research Conference. 
  • Offering student and research bursaries to many aspiring graduates.
  • Hosting regular social events in promoting greater integration among members.

Our membership extends throughout Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean region and various parts around the world. The Society has also been continuously involved in civil society through our involvement in guiding government policy decisions, engaging the public on geological developments, presenting and partnering at local and international conferences, putting on expositions at career or heritage days and public outreach to assist the vulnerable.  The GSTT intends to grow further with the vision to establish new offices that would include research, library and museum facilities. Also, the Society aims to continue to foster public awareness about the role of geology and all things geological including, redefining the stratigraphy of T&T, promoting a wider range of geo-tours to islands like Cuba, and Grenada. The Society strives to continually realize the aims and objectives that underpin the formation in 1976.

Our Rules and Ethics

  1. GSTT Rules & Guildlines
  2. GSTT Code of Ethics
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Membership Types

Active? Associate? Honorary? Student? Select a membership right for you.

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Our Events

We have events for all! Family Days to Short courses and Tours.