Pore Pressure Prediction; Overpressure Causes and Detection

PPP 2-Day Agenda_GSTT_2021

Good Day Members, 
The GSTT and SPE have collaborated with Baker Hughes Company LLC. to offer a two-day Short Course titled: "Pore Pressure Prediction; Overpressure Causes and Detection." This course would be run on June 25th and 26th, 2021 between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is to be delivered virtually. This would be hosted at the SPE's Energy Resource Conference, 2021. This customized and comprehensive course will provide attendees with the fundamentals of pore pressure detection through the virtual instructor-led presentations, exercises, discussion, and case studies. A detailed outline of this two (2) day training course is below. A total of nine (9) chapters on pore pressure prediction would be covered as well as practical exercises and review of case studies. 
Chapter 1: Introduction to Pore and Fracture Pressure Prediction
Chapter 2: Response of Sediment Physical Properties to Changes in Stress and Pressure
Chapter 3: Overpressure Generating Mechanisms
Exercise: Overpressure Calculation
Exercise: Pressure–Depth Plots
Chapter 4: Pore Pressure Calculation Methods
Exercise: Eaton’s Method
Chapter 5: Data Sources for Predicting Pore Pressure
Chapter 6: Pore Pressure Prediction Workflow
Chapter 7: Pore Pressure Measurements
Chapter 8: Pressure Compartments and Seals
Chapter 9: Special References
Before April 30th, 2021: USD$ 350 for GSTT and SPE members 
                                         USD$ 450 for non-members
After April 30th, 2021: USD$ 400 for GSTT and SPE members 
                                      USD$ 500 for GSTT and SPE members 
The course is targeted towards a wide range of disciplines and personnel whose work is affected by mechanical behaviour of rock in a well, reservoir, or the overburden. 
Course materials will be delivered as PDF files to the participants
  • Geologists and Geophysicists
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Completion Engineers
  • Wellsite Supervisors
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Production Engineers
  • Earth Scientists
  • Reservoir Engineers
Agus Tjengdrawira,Geomechanics Lead –NorthAmerica. Agus gained 3 years’ experience as a logging while- drilling (LWD) field engineer, 4 years’ as LWD petrophysicist, and 2.5 years’ experience as a Geomechanics specialist prior to joining the Reservoir Technical Services group in November 2007. Since then he has gained almost 12 years’ experience as a senior geomechanics specialist/advisor with Baker Hughes. His geomechanics experience includes a wide range of studies including wellbore stability, hydrate studies, pore pressure prediction and modeling pore pressure-induced stress changes, rock testing management and QC, 3D finite-element (FE) modeling and simulation for near-salt drilling, compaction and subsidence, sanding production prediction, casing collapse and fault stability analysis. Agus has recently been assigned to lead the geomechanics team, with responsibilities involving higher end, more complex geomechanical studies, proposal and pricing, review, providing input to sales/business strategy and mentoring other specialists. Agus has conducted studies in a number of regions including the Gulf of Mexico, Rocky Mountains, Southern Mexico-Marine region, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. He also conducts client training in geomechanics.