• The Hammer June 2015

  • The Gstt

    - 16th July 2024


First let me apologise for the extended break we have had since our last Hammer. The GSTT strives to maintain a quarterly publication of the Hammer, but as you may know the 2014-2015 term entailed some additional features, which do not happen very often in Trinidad & Tobago. IBA: In April 2015, the GSTT co-hosted the AAPG Latin America and the Caribbean Region Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) Semi-Final. This is the first time Trinidad and Tobago was selected to be the venue for such an event. 20th CGC: And as you all know, the GSTT successfully hosted the 20th Caribbean Geological Confer-ence, 17-22nd May, at the Hyatt Regency, Port-of-Spain. This was by far the largest geological event that the GSTT has ever held.

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