• The Hammer May 2019

  • The Gstt

    - 13th April 2024


The May, 2019 Edition of the GSTT's Quarterly Magazine is out!
In this edition;
  1. Dr. Ilias Papadopoulos, Cory George and Celeste Sobion of The University of the West Indies, Seismic Research Center present their article, "Lessons learned from the 21st, August, 2018 Earthquake in the Eastern Caribbean." 
  2. Mr. Curtis Archie shares his insights on, "Geological Hazards in Trinidad and their control." 
  3. Mr. Xavier Moonan presents his work titled, "Subsurface investigation of the Los-Iros Damage area." 
  4. Vincent Emmanuel Singh shares his experience with meeting Sir David Attenborough on his trip to Trinidad to run a documentary on the Leatherback Turtles.