• The Hammer - 1Q_2020

  • The Gstt

    - 30th March 2023


The GSTT's Quarterly Magazine 1st quarter of 2020 is out!  
In this edition;
  1. President’s Note, Executive Members, upcoming events.
  2. Quinam Beach Field Trip - Curtis Archie.
  3. Overview of Exploration and Production in Guyana - Javed Razack.
  4. Reservoir characterization in the presence of thin beds and elastic ambiguous facies - Henrik Juhl Hansen et al. (Qeye).
  5. Hike to Turure Falls - Curtis Archie.
  6. Characterizing STACK laterals using Volatile Analysis Service of PDC Cuttings - Christopher Smith and Michael Smith, Baker Hughes, a GE Company.
  7. An Introduction into the North American Stratigraphic Code - Clement Ramroop
  8. Exploring the Ortoire Syncline - Xavier Moonan (Touchstone).
  9. Using Geology to Meet Trinidad and Tobago’s Water Demand - Sara-Jade Govia (Ministry of Public Utilities).
  10. Laminated Shaly-Sand Analysis Improves Net Pay Estimate - Alisa Kukharchuk, Baker Hughes, a GE Company.
  11. Cross-word Puzzle - sponsored by COCOBEL CHOCOLATE