• The Hammer - 2nd Quarter 2020

  • The Gstt

    - 19th June 2024


The GSTT's HAMMER Magazine for the 2nd quarter of 2020 is out!  

In this edition;
  1. Editor-in-Chief Note and the Hammer Team
  2. Covering Covid-19 - Ashley Ramsamooj and Javed Razack
  3. Sub-zero Oil Prices – Javed Razack
  4. Vetiver Grass: a solution to many soil- and water-related challenges in T&T – Jonathan Barcant
  5. Onshore Trinidad: The value of seismic data and use of new technology – Fazal Hosein
  6. The Art of Presentations – Valini P. Kissoon
  7. Field Safety Template: documenting field trip risks – Dr. Hasley Vincent
  8. Ten Questions with retired Geologist and Honorary Member of the GSTT – Mr. Edwin Sealy
  9. Trinidad’s Tar Sand Development Potential – Dr. Herbert Sukhu
  10. Revision of Talparo Formation in Trinidad – Clement K. Ramroop
  11. Crossword – sponsored by Cocobel Chocolate