• Hammer Q2 Issue, May 2021

  • The Gstt

    - 16th July 2024


Dear Member, 

The GSTT's Quarterly magazine is out. In this edition, we feature the following fascinating articles;

01 La Soufrière Awakens After 42 Years by Micquelle Stoute

05 Editor’s Corner by Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Valini Kissoon

06 A Tribute to ‘Frankie’ by Ms. Helena Inniss

09 Plate Boundary Configuration, Tectonic Forces and Mud Volcanoes by Mr. Clement Ramroop

17 Creative’s Corner

18 Fresh Groundwater on Continental Shelves by Ariel Thomas

23 Geoscientist Highlight- Mr. Stanley Wharton

25 Geomorphology of Vance River Delta by Mr. Curtis Archie 

27 Call For Outcrop Photos

28 Energy Transition in T&T by Mr. Akil Callendar

32 Career Pivot Series featuring Ms. Sara-Jade Govia and Mr. Jason Kanhai

36 GSTT-Sponsored Awards at UWI

37 Many Paths to Success - Review of ‘Managing Your Career’ Workshop by Dr. Adrian Tuitt

41 The Hammer Challenge


Ms. Valini Kissoon