• Hammer Q3 Issue, September 2022

  • The Gstt

    - 19th June 2024


Dear Member, 

The latest issue of The Hammer, GSTT's Quarterly magazine is now available. In this edition, we feature the following articles:

01 All that Glitters - Potential Iron Ore in the Maracas Valley
03 Editor’s Corner
07 Creative Corner 
08 Celebrating 129 years of Hans G. Kugler
14 Main Ridge Tobago - Giving Life to Tobago's Watersheds
18 Policies, Predictions and Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)
21 The Sunk Cost Fallacy - A Potential Risk to Renewable Energy Investment
25 Career Pivot - Sadie Samsoondar 
28 7th Geological Conference: A Student's Synopsis
29 My Learning Journey During the Pandemic: Positive Thinking
31 Geo-Shoot Competition Winners 

Best Regards, 
Shazana Gazalie